Many Lions – One Pride!  This describes our teams, athletes and coaches…many different gifts, skills and talents, yet serving and competing alongside each other with common goals such as relationship, commitment, winning and team play!

ACA Athletics sponsors over 30 teams at various levels including 13 varsity teams that compete in the North Carolina Independent School Athletic Association, as well as seasonal competition with other independent and public schools in North Carolina and the surrounding states.  Our certified coaching staff is comprised of some of the best high school coaches in western North Carolina, of which many have earned regional and national recognition.  This group of men and women make up a team of coaches whose priority is to help ACA meet the mission of the school through sport in a highly relational approach that also includes excellent technical and spiritual leadership.

Our teams have earned 19 state championships and dozens of conference crowns in a variety sports.  Many of our athletes choose to pursue the collegiate athletic experience at various levels, including NCAA D-1, after they graduate from ACA.  They are prepared for the rigors of college academics and athletic performance as a result of their time as an ACA Lion.

The ACA Athletic experience is embedded in an atmosphere that makes the spiritual, emotional and physical growth of our athletes a priority. ACA Athletics is vital to completing the educational mission of ACA. 

Joe Johnson
Director of Athletics