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Campus Wear

Why Campus Wear?

Consistent with our mission as a Christ-centered school, ACA desires to enhance its learning environment in positive ways. Research and experience demonstrate that a more formal dress standard has a positive impact on a student’s frame of mind. In light of these findings and with respect to the values of an academic setting and moderation, CampusWear guidelines have been designed as a standard for our learning community. The goal has been to create an attractive, comfortable, uniform, and practical dress code. Wherever and whenever ACA CampusWear is worn, it should be done so with an awareness of the responsibility borne to represent ACA in a positive light. Along with the staff, ACA students are ambassadors to the community.

What does CampusWear Include?

All clothing students wear during the school day must be approved CampusWear. However, there is a good deal of variety included within ACA’s available clothing options. All  CampusWear must be purchased from one of our four approved vendors.   Typical items available include:


•    Skirts, skorts, and jumpers in navy, khaki, and ACA plaid.

•    Shorts and pants in navy and khaki.

•    Short and long sleeve polo shirts in navy, white, burgundy, yellow, and light blue with the ACA logo (not including athletic store polo shirts).

•    Short and long sleeve oxford shirts in white, light blue, and yellow with the ACA logo.

•    Sweaters, sweatshirts, fleeces, and other outwear available in navy, white, and yellow with an ACA logo.

ACA CampusWear Vendors

All CampusWear must be purchased from one of these approved vendors.

The Spirit Store - ACA’s used uniform store
Located in the Student Center with regular hours each month.  Used uniform items can be turned back in to the closet for store credit.

The Spirit Store

Lands’ End

All of ACA’s standard CampusWear items are available from Lands’ End. Some can be found at our local Sears store but all can be ordered from their webiste linked below (look up our school from the left side of the screen) or through the catalog.

Lands' End

Read’s Uniforms

All of ACA’s standard CampusWear items are available from Read’s Uniforms. Read’s is a local company with a retail location at 123 Sweeten Creek Road, Suite D. Read’s is open Monday through Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm. For a complete list of items available visit the store below.  Use the following school codes:  K-5th Code: ACAK5, 6th-12th Code: ACA612

Read's Uniforms 

Tommy Hilfiger

All of ACA’s standard CampusWear items are also available from Tommy Hilfiger. All styles all can be ordered from their webiste linked below.

Tommy Hilfiger

Old Navy

Only select pants and shorts may be purchased at Old Navy in store or online.

•    Men - Any style Broken-in Khaki - NO CARGO or SKINNY; Colors: Rolled Oats/Stones throw/Navy
•    Boys - Any style Broken-in Khaki - NO CARGO; Colors: Rolled Oats/Navy
•    Women - Uniform bermuda short, Diva or Sweetheart Everyday boot cut pant - NO SKINNY or ANKLE pant; Colors: Rolled Oats/Navy
•    Girls - Bermuda short, long skinny or boot cut pant - NO PIXIE or TERRY FLEECE; Colors:  Rolled Oats/Navy

Asheville Christian Academy
Select ACA sweatshirts and hoodies are available for purchase in The Spirit Store in the fall. ACA Lions athletic gear will be available for purchase from a designated vendor at select times during the year.

CampusWear Details

•    All hem lengths should be approximately two inches above the knee or longer.  Modesty is the guiding principle.

•    Polo shirts may be untucked if they are of appropriate length and size. Oxford shirts must remain tucked in at all times. T-shirts worn under the polo or oxford are to be plain (no printing) white or navy and must remain tucked in at all times. Long-sleeve navy or white knit shirts may be worn under the short sleeve polo for warmth and they, too, must remain tucked in. Middle and upper school students must wear belts when shirts are tucked into pants or shorts. Lower school students are not required to wear belts.

•    Shoes should be suitable for the school environment (no style extremes, flipflops, slippers, etc.) and have a back strap or closed heel.

•    All upper body garments worn during the school day must include an ACA logo (including polos, oxford shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, fleeces, and any other outerwear).

•    Recommended sock and tight colors are plain white, tan/brown, navy, black, grey, and burgundy. Ankle length leggings are permitted.

•    Chapel days - normal campus wear attire

•    Spirit Day - ACA top and full length, no holes/tears; standard five-pocket blue jeans or CampusWear bottoms

•    Dress-Down Days - Fridays are dress down days for all students unless otherwise specified, e.g. special chapel or Tenebrae Service. Dress down apparel includes classic five-pocket blue jeans or the CampusWear khakis, and any ACA labeled t-shirt or polo. Jeans must be neat and without need of repair (no holes or frayed hems) and only navy in color.