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Nick Ficker

Physical Education Teacher
B.S. - Education, Western Carolina University, 2014
(828) 581-2200 x245
Cheryl Forester 
Lower School Teacher's Assistant, AfterCare Director
Charity Franklin 
Lower School Teacher's Assistant
Terri Frink 
NILD Discovery Program, Certified Therapist 
B.A. - Diversified Liberal Arts, University of San Diego, 1983 
M.Ed. - Education and Human Development, George Washington University, 1987 
(828) 581-2200 x230
William George 
Head of School
B.A. - Classical and Medieval Studies, Cleveland State University, 1980 
M.S. - Educational Leadership, Ohio State University, 1983 
Ed.D. - Western Carolina University; Graduate Theological Foundation, 2012
(828) 581-2204 or (828) 581-2200 x204
Trevor Gibbs 
Middle School Teacher
B.S. - Elementary Education, Western Carolina University, 2006
Kathy Gillikin 
NILD Discovery Program, Certified Therapist 
B.S. - Elementary Education Special Ed., University of Maryland 
(828) 581-2200 x230
JoLynn Goffin 
Upper School English Teacher 
B.A. - English and Secondary Education, Northern Michigan University/Warren Wilson College, 1974 
M.A. - English and Literature, Western Carolina University, 2012 
Cliff Green 
Upper School English Teacher
B.A. - English, North Carolina State University, 1986 
M.A. - English, North Carolina State University, 1989
Penny Greene 
Upper School Latin Teacher
B.A. - Biology and Classics, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 1992 
Cheri Hagan 
Upper School Science Teacher
B.S. - Biology, University of Northern Alabama, 1980 
M.Ed. - Biology, University of Montevallo, 1986 
M.Ed. - English, University of Montevallo, 1986 
Joe Hagan 
College Guidance Counselor
B.Arch. and  B.S. - Environmental Studies, Auburn University, 1979 
M.Ed. - Physical Education, University of Montevallo, 1987 
(828) 581-2217 or (828) 581-2200 x217
Anna Harris 
Administrative Assistant to Fine Arts
B.S. - Business Administration, Belhaven University, 1990
(828) 581-2201 or (828) 581-2200 x201
Jessica Harrison 
Upper and Middle School Spanish Teacher
B.A. - Lander University, Spanish (Education k-12 Emphasis)
Mattie Hensley 
Upper School Dean of Women
Jeff Herzog 
Upper School Math Teacher 
B.A. - Biology, Pomona College, Claremont, 2000 
M.A. - Education, Washington State University, 2003 
Susan Herzog 
First Grade Teacher
Jennifer Hilterman 
Middle School Teacher

Maggie Holland

Learning Connections
B.S. - Education, Major in Special Education, Carson- Newman, 2012

Ginny Hudnut

Fourth Grade Teacher
B.A. - Early Education, Covenant College, 2013
Terry Hughes 
Assistant Athletic Director
B.S. - Business Administration, Montreat College, 2001 
Christa Hutzler 
Library Media Specialist
B.A. - Elementary Education - ASU, 1993
M.S. - Library Science - ASU, 1994
Katy Ingle 
Lower School Teacher's Aide
Samuel Jason Ingle 
Upper School Dean of Men
M.A. - Liberty University, 2013             
(828) 581-2200 x240

Sarah Jackson

Lower School Teacher's Assistant
M.S. Behavioral Science, King University, 1996
Joe Johnson 
Director of Athletics
B.S. - Physical Education and Health/Social Studies, Pittsburg State University, 1981 
M.Ed. - Secondary School Administration and Supervision, Pittsburg State University, 1984 
(828) 581-2202 or (828) 581-2200 x202

Fiona Jones 
Front Desk
(828) 581-2200