In This Section

K - O
Beth Ledford 
Director of Admissions
B.S. - Business Administration, UNC Asheville 
(828) 581-2208 or (828) 581-2200 x208
Chris Logan 
IT Coordinator
B.A. Business Admin / MIS, Montreat College, 2000
(828) 581-2200 x244
Christy Lowder 
K4 Teacher
B.A. - Literature for Teachers 6th-12th, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 1992 
Kate Lunberry 
Lower School Administrative Assistant
B.A. - Psychology, Houghton College, 2005 
Trent Lunberry 
Fourth Grade Teacher
B.S. - Elementary Ed., Missouri Western State University, 2007 
Molly Mason
Lower School Teacher's Aide
Cheryl McIntosh 
Upper School English and Bible Teacher
B.A. - English, Furman University, 1979 
M.A. - Biblical Studies, Covenant Theological Seminary, 1981 
M.A.T. - Comprehensive Ed. English, Western Carolina University, 2006 
Gordon Meiners 
Upper School History Teacher
B.A. - Education - History, Covenant College, 1977 
M.A. - American Studies, Western Carolina University, 1993 
Danielle Metz 
Lower School Teacher's Aide  
Linda Mitchell 
Middle School Teacher
B.S. - Chemistry, Furman University, 1981 
Susan Montgomery 
Lower School Principal
B.A. - Elementary Education and Psychology, University of North Carolina at Asheville, 2001 
M.A. - School Administration, Gardner-Webb University, 2012 
Kristin Moyers 
School Nurse
B.A. - Public Relations, Mississippi State University, 1993
B.S. - Nursing, University of Mississippi School of Nursing, 1998
Jenny Newton 
Lower School Teacher's Assistant
Chef Cindy Normand 
Flik Dining
(828) 581-2203


Chris O'Steen 
Middle School Teacher
B.A. - English/Secondary Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1997
M.A. - English, Western Carolina University, 2006