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Supporting ACA

Educating a child requires an exceptional faculty, a curriculum that develops fluency, creativity and competency, and the generous involvement of parents. Asheville Christian Academy encourages parents, grandparents, alumni and friends to actively participate in the daily life at Asheville Christian Academy and provide financial support beyond tuition..

Since its founding in 1958, ACA families have played an active role in the school community. ACA parents share the responsibilities of meeting the school’s educational goals and ensuring a soundly governed and financially healthy institution. ACA relies on the support and involvement of its entire community – including current and past parents, grandparents, board members, alumni, faculty, and staff. Through volunteer opportunities, special events, and fundraising efforts, the school provides a variety of ways to become involved. “Each, according to ability.”

  • ANNUAL FUND Ongoing – Supports the operation every year and adds to it 
  • CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUND Ongoing – Provides for our construction and plant development
  • ENDOWMENT Ongoing - Invested reserves, also called Endowment, help fund the costs of school programs an ongoing, permanent way
  • GALA AUCTION Spring 2019 (held every other year) needs volunteers in scores of ways.
  • VOLUNTEERING - There are many places and ways to serve at ACA. From the classroom to more “behind the scenes,” from one time, to once a week, there is a place for everyone.
  • PARENT TEACHER FELLOWSHIP - The Parent Teacher Fellowship, an organization of parent volunteers, coordinates activities to benefit our faculty and staff.
  • EVERY DAY SUPPORT - Supporting Asheville Christian Academy does not have to be a sacrifice. You can support ACA through several of your regular daily activities.
  • SPIRIT STORE – Support the school through purchasing slightly used uniforms and other supplies.

"Many years ago we needed a bus to transport kids to school. We learned that there were two 'good' used buses in Franklin so a friend drove two of us to Franklin and dropped us off. We knew that the school needed buses but wondered how we would pay for them. I decided I would buy one. I paid for it, climbed aboard, and waved to my friend, saying, 'See you later.' 'But how will I get home?' my friend asked. 'I don’t know! You figure it out,' was my response. So my friend bought a bus, too. Now, the school had two pretty nice buses"

ACA grandparent, alumni parent, and former board member

Generosity and sacrifice are a tradition at ACA

Although ACA has grown and changed, the generosity of the ACA family continues to make a dramatic impact on our community. Thank you for your sacrifices.