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Winterim 2018

February 26 - March 6

Winterim is designed to increase learning opportunities. Students are given a choice between a number of unique opportunities extending beyond the normal high school curriculum. Some travel the world as part of academic and mission trips. Through internships, students are able to experience a profession first-hand before deciding on a college or major. Finally, in the Winterim classroom, students find enriching opportunities in courses not traditionally available. 


Trip descriptions and cost information can be found by clicking on the links below.  Enrolled upper school students wishing to travel as part of Winterim 2018 are encouraged to consider any one of these fantastic opportunities.

We can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories that will come from these trips!

Winterim 2018 Trip Application

Dominican Republic

This trip will focus on missions and will partner with GBI Crossroads ministry in the Dominican Republic. The trip will base out of GBI Crossroads which is located on a 55 acre retreat center just outside of Puerto Plata. The farm offers electricity, hot water, fresh drinking water, secure gated property, restroom and shower facilities and dorm-style housing. Asheville Christian Academy has been involved with this ministry for 14 years. Hundreds of students, faculty and ACA family have served in this ministry throughout the past 14 years.

GBI Crossroads is a mercy ministry providing poverty relief through Christ's love shared by His servants. We will be involved with home building, health care, infant and family feeding, sports camps and serving the poorest of the poor working in the trash dumps. If you would like to change your world view and see how so many live with so much less than us, please join us.

Trip leaders are Mr. Gordon Meiners and Mrs. Mattie Hensley

Information Sheet

France & Spain

Language students will have the exciting opportunity to use their French and Spanish language skills while visiting the beautiful countries of France and Spain on a 12-day adventure. Students will explore important historical sites, discover rich diversity and cultural heritage. Students can even opt to receive three college credits through this travel. We will be visiting the D-day beaches of Normandy, an incomparable experience, a former pirate town, Paris, of course, including visits to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, Napoleon’s Arch of Triumph and the famous Champs-Élysées. The palace of Versailles will bring history alive as we see the incredible stomping grounds of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI. A quick look at the celebrated blue stained glass of Chartres Cathedral will take us on our way to the Loire valley where we will visit two impressionable castles of the French kings. We will also prepare a gourmet dinner together with French chefs! We will then board the TGV, France’s fast bullet trains, and head further south to sunny Spain where we will visit the seaside town of San Sebastian, then on to the Baroque architecture of Zaragoza, and, finally, to Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona. We will visit the Sagrada Familia cathedral, Casa Milà and Park Güell, Gaudí’s famous architectural sites, as well as the Olympic Stadium. Time permitting, we may visit the Barcelona Soccer Stadium and Museum for those interested in this famous soccer club! What an exciting once-in-a-lifetime experience for our language students!

Trip Leaders are Mrs. Susan Williams, Mr. Edgar Silva and Mrs. Jessica Harrison.

Information Sheet


Have you ever wondered what the Dead Sea was really like? How 40 years in the wilderness might have affected the people of Israel? What “living” water is?

Where did the shepherd boy find the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran?

Have you ever wanted to walk where Jesus walked? Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee? Visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem…go to the Mount of Olives and walk the Via Dolorosa?

This trip will focus on exploring the Holy Land in partnership with GTI Tours. We want to take studying the Bible one step further and actually see the places where these events took place. This tour will visit the places talked about in God’s Word, in both Old and New Testaments, as well as see what the nation of Israel is like today.

Trip leader is Alexis Zanias.

Information Sheet

North Carolina and South Carolina Colleges


During Winterim, students will have the opportunity to visit as many as 10 campuses throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. In order to experience the tremendous diversity of higher education in this region, our intention is to visit schools of all kinds: public, private, and Christian; small, medium, and large; expensive and not-as-much; in-state and out-of-state; urban, suburban, and rural.

Students will be taught how to get the most out of a campus visit: what questions to ask, how to compare colleges and universities to one another, and what factors are critical to determining what is a “good fit.” Career exploration should certainly come before making a college decision so there will be an emphasis on seeking God’s will for the future for each participant.

College campuses are often sites of great historical and cultural significance. Our intention is to enjoy as many activities and events as possible while on campus such as art galleries, fine arts productions, and, yes, sporting events! We plan to defray our expenses with the hospitality extended to us by many of our hosts.
To enhance the learning experience, students will explore their own talents and abilities by utilizing several vocational assessment tools and will review the biblical basis for living out the Christian life in the workplace.

Possible stops include:  Wake Forest U, UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State U, UNC-Wilmington, College of Charleston, Charleston Southern U, USC-Columbia, Clemson U, Davidson College

This trip is being led by ACA Guidance Counselor Joe Hagan.

Information Sheet

NEw York City

This trip will focus on the exploration of NYC through visual art, theatre, music and food while also visiting New York’s landmarks and historical places.

The Fine Arts staff of ACA will be working to identify the best experiences for each of the areas of focus. Mr. Panagiotacos will be arranging theatre workshops and Broadway shows. Mrs. Edwards will be researching museums and exhibits to visit. Mr. Aitken will be finding the best places to eat, along with some culinary experiences and workshops.

Trip leaders are Mr. Alex Panagiotacos, Mrs. Jennifer Edwards and Mr. Chris Aitken

Information Sheet

Orlando, Florida

As a team, we will travel by vehicle (bus or van…TBD) to the Orlando, Florida area.

We will aim to play 4 games per team on area baseball fields. We will have daily devotionals and will also have a ministry opportunity during our trip. One day will be spent at the Universal Studios theme park.

JD Chaplain, ACA Varsity Baseball Coach, is the trip leader.

Information Sheet


This Winterim trip will partner with Black Mountain Expeditions and is designed as an experiential learning course, travelling to Patagonia. Instead of reading about Latin culture, we will immerse ourselves in it. Instead of looking at images of the Patagonian peaks, we will hike through them and instead of speculating about the stewardship and results of major land conservation efforts, we will see it firsthand.

Situated in the heart of the Patagonian Lakes District, the Nahuel Huapi National Park comprises a spectacular array of peaks, lakes, Patagonian forest and rivers. Our expedition will take you through some of the most staggering and wild regions of Northern Patagonia combining trekking, kayaking and cultural immersion. 

***No previous camping or kayaking experience is required. Once during the trip, we will be staying in comfortable lodges in remote and unique areas. This will offer a welcome rest after each section.

Mr. Jason Ingle is the trip leader.

Information Sheet


Rocky Mountains Colorado

The Rocky Mountains are home to a wide variety of Winter sports. Students on this trip will have the opportunity to spend time on three tasks. First, students will work on improving their knowledge of the rules and responsibilities of skiing/boarding. Second, each student will work towards accomplishing personal goals in improving their skiing/riding. Third, living in one style of mountain region, it is incredible to see what another type of mountain region looks like, and how people work within them. The combination of the three should help the student not only improve in their sport, but also know what type of terrain, area, and goals are realistic and enjoyable for them.

Each student will either write a one page journal entry for every day of the trip, reflecting on the climate, terrain, tasks worked on etc., or participate in a group video documenting the trip, goals, and things learned. The trip will last for 8-9 days, depending on flights. This excursion is designed for students who have some experience with skis and/or snowboards, and may be difficult for anyone who has never visited a ski resort. However, it is open to all who are interested.

Information Sheet

Sri Lanka

This trip will partner with Serve to LEAD and UCFSL (United Christian Fellowship of Sri Lanka) which is an established ministry serving people in poverty throughout the country. We will participate in home repairs, medical and vision clinics, food programs, school supply distribution, and visit a women’s empowerment program supported by UCFSL and Serve to LEAD. We will be traveling throughout the country. Parents / guardians will be given a full itinerary and will be informed of where we are each day. We will fly into Colombo, Sri Lanka and spend a majority of our time working in the fishing villages in Moratuwa. Mid- trip we will travel into the interior of the country and serve around the Kandy area providing medical care and nutrition support to families who work as day laborers in the tea and rubber tree plantations. We will stay in hotels. Drinking water will be provided as the tap water is not safe for consumption. Showers will be available at the hotels.

Trip leader is Jessica Tripp, Executive Director, Serve to LEAD.

Information Sheet



Another exciting part of Winterim is the internship experience. Internship applications will be released in the fall. 


The list of Winterim 2018 classes will be released in the fall.