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Winterim 2017

February 27 - March 3

Winterim (formerly called J-Term) is designed to increase learning opportunities. Students are given a choice between a number of unique opportunities extending beyond the normal high school curriculum. Some travel the world as part of academic and mission trips. Through internships, students are able to experience a profession first-hand before deciding on a college or major. Finally, in the Winterim classroom, students find enriching opportunities in courses not traditionally available. 


Trip descriptions and cost information can be found by clicking on the links below.  Enrolled upper school students wishing to travel as part of Winterim 2017 are encouraged to consider any one of these fantastic opportunities.

We can’t wait to hear all of the amazing stories that will come from these trips!


On this eight-day trip to Cuba, students will have the opportunity to meet and connect with Cuban Christians who have endured nearly 60 years of restrictions under a Marxist government. The trip will also offer insights into the economic challenges of Communist life and the unique resilience of the lovely Cuban people. We will visit historic Havana and then travel to Santa Clara to visit churches that were founded before the revolution. In addition to church activities, the group will visit cultural sites and enjoy a day on the beach in the Cuban Keys.

Members of this team should remember that discretion is essential on this trip. While the relationship between the U.S. and Cuba is improving, Cuba remains a Communist country, ideologically opposed to many of the personal freedoms we take for granted.

Internet access is very limited and cell phone coverage is non-existent for American cell phones. However, this situation may change completely in the 10 months between now and the trip. Oh, and there are no McDonalds or Starbucks in Cuba. The Cuban diet is limited, and the variety of food is also limited, especially outside of Havana. The island often experiences shortages of food items such as eggs and meat, and Americans must always drink bottled water.

This trip will be a great opportunity to practice your Spanish. It will be led by John Northrup, an ACA dad. His parents founded churches in Cuba in the 1950’s, and he has continued to visit the island for the past 30 years.

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Missions Trip to Kenya

International Mission work, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the area of Kijabe, Kenya. We will partner with the local missionary – Wilfred Githongo – and work in schools and local churches. Our main ministry will be with children in schools, orphanages, and IDP camps teaching English, children’s activities, and sports ministries. There will be many opportunities for ministry, so days will be full. Lodging is excellent for a Third World Country – safe environment, Western toilets, and some “American” meals. Warm showers are a possibility, but I’ve never actually been blessed with one. No WiFi or TV. Toilets at other locations will be quite primitive, and food may be less desirable.


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Los Angeles, California

Ever want to see what goes on behind the scenes in the film industry? What does it take to film a TV show or movie? Now is your opportunity to take a look behind the curtain and explore what goes on in Hollywood!

This trip will focus on exploring media and film behind the scenes. We will tour a working film studio, attend a live TV show taping (subject to availability), tour the sights of Los Angeles and Hollywood and have a full day Disneyland. We will also tour the Griffith Observatory and the historic El Capitan Theatre, and participate in an industry related workshop, and spend a day working with a local ministry opportunity.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see the other end of the country, get a glimpse of the workings of film industry, and maybe spot a celebrity or two!

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North Carolina and Virginia Colleges

During Winterim, students will have the opportunity to visit as many as 15 campuses throughout North Carolina and Virginia. In order to experience the tremendous diversity of higher education in this region, our intention is to visit schools of all kinds: public, private, and Christian; small, medium, and large; expensive and relatively affordable; in-state and out-of-state; urban, suburban, and rural.

Students will be taught how to get the most out of a campus visit: what questions to ask, how to compare colleges and universities to one another, and what factors are critical to determining what is a “good fit.” Career exploration should certainly come before making a college decision so there will be an emphasis on seeking God’s will for the future for each participant.

College campuses are often sites of great historical and cultural significance. Our intention is to enjoy as many activities and events as possible while on campus such as art galleries, fine arts productions, and, yes, sporting events! We plan to defray our expenses with the hospitality that will be extended to us by many of our college and university hosts.

To enhance the learning experience, students will explore their own talents and abilities by utilizing several vocational assessment tools and will review the biblical basis for living out the Christian life in the workplace. A community service component will round out the requirements for participation in the college tour.

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Rocky Mountains Colorado

Did you know that the Rocky Mountains are home to a wide variety of winter sports? Students on this trip will have the opportunity to spend time on three tasks. First, students will work on improving their knowledge of the rules and responsibilities of skiing/boarding. Second, each students will work towards accomplishing personal goals in improving their skiing/boarding. Third, by visiting several different mountains, students will be able to learn how different areas/resorts cater towards satisfying their customers in how they present/pitch/improve their areas every year. The combination of the three should help the student not only improve in their sport, but also know what type of terrain, area, and goals are realistic and enjoyable for them.

The trip will last for 8 days, beginning on a Sunday and ending on a Sunday. This excursion is designed for students who have had some experience with skis and/or snowboards, and may be difficult for anyone who has never visited a ski resort.

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Another exciting part of Winterim is the internship experience. Internship applications will be released in the fall. 


. The list of Winterim 2017 classes will be released in the fall.